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Yadav The HIstory

Yadav (Sanskrit: यादव) is a Indian caste which is referred to in ancient Dharmic scriptures. They are among the few surviving ancient Aryan kshatriya clans known as panchjanya. Yadavas are the descendants of Royal born vedic kshatriya clan of Yadu (eldest son of Emperor Yayati).
Major Yadav clans
Major Yadav clans currently include:
Krishnauth (claiming direct lineage from Lord Shri Krishna)
Gaur (also called Goriya, and mentioned in the Mahabharatha)
Ahirs (variously called Ahira and Abhira) are divided into three clans called Khanap:
Nandavanshi (Descendants of Nanda}
Gwalvanshi (Descendants of Holy Gwals)
Dhangars (in Maharashtra and Karnataka) are divided into 32 clans
Yadavas,gollas,Bhatrajus and Kurubas (in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka)
Konars (in Tamilnadu and Kerala)
Maniyani (in Kerala)
Sadgops (in Bengal)
Behera,Pradhans in OrissaAccording to Dharmic mythology, Yadvas are the descendants of Yadu, the eldest son of king Yayati who was banished from ruling by his father because he refused to fulfill Yayati's wishes and became a rebel. Yadu and his descendants started ruling in places that are assumed to be referred to in the scriptures as Jambudvipa. Later on, the Yadus overthrew many Puru rulers. Presently, they are known by many names. For example, 'Gope' means mystique stemming from Shiva (also called Gopeshwar or lord of mysticism) and emulated in Bhagavad Gita. Yaduvanshis are descendants of the ancient Yadavs. Scriptures referred to them as surasena too.
Abhira are assumed to be different from ancient Yadavas. Linkage is obscure and views vary from scholar to scholar. Term was used for cowherds initially but has been extended to include Yaduvanshi and Nandavanshis too by its corrupt version Ahir. Abhira means fearless and have got most ancient historical references dating back to the Abhira kingdom of the Saraswati Valley who spoke Abhiri till buddhist period.

1)Analysis of scriptural references of Abhira Kingdoms has tempted some scholars to conclude that it was merely a term used for Holy Yadava Kingdoms.
It is also suggested that Semetic biblical city or people called ophir is equivalent of Bharatya Abhira. On this basis, some scholars seek yadav and Jews connection. According to Stephen Knapp, the Greeks referred to the Jews as Judeos, or Jah deos or Yadavas, meaning people of Ya or descendants of Yadu, one of the sons of Yayati.

2) It is also regarded that the basis of the Kabbalah, the book of Jewish mystical concepts, as described in The Holy Kabbalah by Arthur Edward Waite, is linked with Vedas. Yadavas were possessors of great mystical knowledge is confirmed in Bhagvad Gita itself which says same knowledge was given to Manu (first man on earth), Surya and Ikshavaku (ancestor of Lord Rama) at very ancient time. It is believed Abhira were the link between eastern and western religions. There are compelling proofs of both mauryan and Guptas being Abhirs.

3) The Kshatriya religion was propounded by Krishna, and no reference is found before him. We only find Rajnya as the term alternatively used for it (Bhagwad Gita is emaciated form of hidden knowledge—Gope—which has its root in Shiva). Later on, many Kshatriyas were made based on the philosophy of this religion as revealed in Bhagavad Gita.
According to Dharmic mythology, Jarasandh, Kamsa's father-in-law, and king of Magadha attacked Yadavas to avenge the killing of Kansa. Yadavas had to shift their capital from Mathura (central Aryavart) to Dwaraka (on the western coast of Aryavart) on the The Sindhu(Ocean in Sanskrit).
Ancient Yadava Kingdoms
Surasena Kingdom
Native kingdom of Vasudeva Krishna
Dwaraka Kingdom
Kingdom founded by Vasudeva Krishna
Kunti Kingdom
Native kingdom of Kunti, the mother of the elder Pandavas, viz Yudhisthira, Bhima and Arjuna
Saurashtra Kingdom

Heheya Kingdom
Kingdom of the Yadava king Kartavirya Arjuna
Nishadha Kingdom
Kingdom of king Nala
Gurjara Kingdom

Karusha Kingdom

Chedi Kingdom
Kingdom of Sisupala, enemy of Vasudeva Krishna
Dasarna Kingdom

Avanti Kingdom

Malava Kingdom

Anarta Kingdom

Youdheya Kingdom
Kingdom of Yadava hero Satyaki
General profile
Yadavas mostly follow Dharmic religion, and are located in different parts of Aryavart, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Yadavas are the single largest community in Aryavart, estimated to constitute more than 19% of the Bharatya population. Through numerous political parties such as the Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Janata Dal (Republic), Janata Dal (Communal) and Makkal Tamil Desam (Tamil Nadu), this group has considerable political influence, especially in the governments of Aryavart's most populous states, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,Karnataka,TamilNadu,Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

4) Laloo yadav became the chief minister of bihar and mulayam singh in UP. Yadavs, though being Kshatriyas, in certain parts of Aryavart are classified by the respective governments as Other Backward Classes, or OBCs. This classification stems from their prevailing general economic and educational condition. The Yadavas are linked to Krishna and several ruling families, such as the ancient kings of Prayag, the Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri,the Vijayanagar kings, the Nandas, the Wodeyars of Mysore,the Holkars of Indore and more recently that of Rao Tula Ram of Haryana, one of the leading figures of the First War of Independence (1857) in Aryavart.

Yadava Martyrs of 1962 War
In the Indian-China War of 1962, the Ahirs (almost all of them hailing from the Ahirwal region of Southern Haryana) of 13 Kumaon Regiment set an unparallel example in the military history of Aryavart by defending their position at Rezang La in Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. The battle of Rezang La, a ridge overlooking the strategic Chushul plains in Ladakh, to defend the highest air strip in the world located at 16,000 feet—just across the Chinese claim line—is one of the most glorious chapters in the history of the Bharatya army and has been compared by some Bharatya military historians with the famed Battle of Thermopylae. In the final phase of the Indo-China War of 1962, where Bharatya units typically offered little resistance while being routed by attacking PLA forces, the Ahir Charlie Company from 13 Kumaon, set a rare example of bravery and dedication by literally fighting to the last man. Of the 120 defenders, only three survived, all seriously wounded. The rest, were discovered after the winter, frozen, mostly holding their weapons but with no ammunition. According to some accounts, several jawans, having run out of ammunition, came out of the pickets and charged the enemy with bare hands—Lance Naik Ram Singh killing several Chinese soldiers after lifting and hitting them against the rocks. It is also believed that these jawans inflicted heavy casualties on the attackers. Of the 120 soldiers, 114 were Yadavas from Haryana.
On this horrific battle, Major-General Ian Cardozo, in his book Param Vir, Our Heroes In Battle writes,“When Rezang La was later revisited dead jawans were found in the trenches still holding on to their weapons... every single man of this company was found dead in his trench with several bullet or splinter wounds. The 2-inch mortar man died with a bomb still in his hand. The medical orderly had a syringe and bandage in his hands when the Chinese bullet hit him... Of the thousand mortar bombs with the defenders all but seven had been fired and the rest were ready to be fired when the (mortar) section was overrun.”
General T.N. Raina said"You rarely come across such example in the annals of world military history when braving such heavy odds, the men fought till the last bullet and the last man. Certainly the Battle of Rezang La is such a shining example."
General K S Thimayya remarked,"I had said many years ago that the Army must have a Ahir Regiment. The supreme sacrifice of the Charlie Company has fulfilled my expectations. I hope a suitable memorial will be built in Ahirwal in their memory so that the generations to come may seek inspiration from the immense courage and valour of their forefathers."
The heroes who were awarded the Vir Chakra in 1962 defending Rezang La were Naik Hukum Chand (posthumous), Naik Gulab Singh Yadav, Lance-Naik Ram Singh (posthumous), Sub. Ram Kumar and Sub.Ram Chander. All hailed from the Rewari district of Haryana, where a Rezang La memorial has been placed in their memory in Gudiani village.

Famous Yadavs

:Shree Raje Ratnasing Jadhavrao , Shree Raje Krushnasing

:Shrimant Namdar Sardar Raje Shambhusing Amarsing ewffgJadhavrao

:Shrimant Sau Khashibaisaheb Jadhavrao The Queen of Malegaon
Neminatha, The 22nd Teerthankar of Jains & cousin of Krishna
Vasudeva, father of Krishna
Kartaveerya Arjuna (Emperor of Mahismati, also known as Shasrabahu)
Kunti, sister of Vasudeva and mother of Pandavas and Karna
Kansa, a tyrannical king of Mathura, who was killed by Krishna
Ugrasen, the father of Kansa
Rao Tula Ram (1857 freedom fighter)
Pran Sukh Yadav (fought along with Rao Tula Ram Yadav at Nasibpur)
Veera Pandya Kattabomman (1857 Freedom Fighter-The Ideal King)
Veeran Alagumuthu Kone(IrunkattuKottai Palayam-First Freedom Fighter in Tamilnadu)
RamaKone (King,Chengi,Tamil Nadu)
Krishna Kone (King,Chengi,Tamil Nadu)
Rao Balbir Singh (King of haryana)
Harihara I (Founder of Vijayanagara dynasty)
Bukkaraya (Founder of Vijayanagara dynasty)
Krishnadeva raya (famed vijaynagar emperor)
Yadava Dynasty (Deogiri now Daulatabad)
Katamaraju (Andhra Pradesh) a Yadava king who fought a great epic battle with Nalla Siddi, the king of Nellore, on the banks of the Palar River in the Thirteenth Century
[Chandragiri kota,Tirupathi,{A.P}Ruled by Saluva Narashima yadava.See below link.
Wodeyars of Mysore
Hoysalas of Karnataka
Jadeja of Jamnagar Guj.
Bhattis of Jaisalmer Raj.
Jadam of UP.
Jadon of MP and Rajasthan
Banaphar of MP.
Palnati Brahmanaidu, Guntur{A.P}
K.R.PeriyaKaruppan (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Minister TamilNadu)
Kollur Mallappa- Former MP of Raichur-Karnataka and former c.w.c member.
Sri Puli Kodanda Ramaiah (Former IPS officer and Former MP Chitradurga Karnataka)
Rao Birendra Singh (Former Chief Minister of Haryana and Former Cabinet Minister)
Col.Rao Ram Singh (Former Speaker of Haryana and Former Cabinet Minister)
Brahma Prakash Chaudhary (Former Chief Minister of Delhi)
Daroga Prasad Roy (Former Chief Minister of Bihar)
Ram Naresh Yadav (Former Chief Minister of UP)
Mulayam Singh Yadav (UP politician and present C.M.)
Laloo Prasad Yadav (Bihar politician and present cabinet minister - Railways.)
Rabri Devi(wife of Laloo Prasad Yadav and Former Chief Minister of Bihar)
Baliram Bhagat
B.P.Mandal (author:Mandal commission and Former Chief Minister of Bihar)
Suresh Kalmadi (President Asian Olympic Association)
Jay Dayal Yadav (Eminent Freedom Fighter & Grandson of Pran Sukh Yadav from Nihalpura, Behror, Alwar, Rajasthan)
Babulal Gaur (Former Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh)
Subhash Yadav (Former Deputy Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh)
Siddaramaiah Former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka
Ram Singh Yadav (Former Member of Parliament (LS), Alwar and Deputy Speaker Rajasthan Legislative Assembly)
Sharad Yadav (President J.D.(U))
Nand Kishore Yadav (Minister P.W.D. Bihar)
Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav (Irrigation & Revenue Minister, Haryana)
Yadavs of Andhra Pradesh,
Sri Bandaru Dattatreya (Former M.P. and Present state B.J.P President, A.P.)
Sri Kanjerla Lakshmi Narayana Yadav (Ex- Minister, A.P. and Founder and Chairman, GITAS)
N.Somanathan (Soman Nair), Advocate, Kannur, Kerala (Organizer of Akhila Kerala Yadava Maha Sabha)
Kasani Narayana (Freedom Fighter and Former M.L.A Jangaon, Warangal Dist.
S. Kannappan (DMK M.L.A)
Sachin Ahir(N.C.P, M.L.A)
Tamil Kudimagan (Former Minister And Speaker of TamilNadu Assembly)
Rao Ram Narain (Former Haryana Revenue and Excise Minister, MLA, and HCS)
Present Member of Parliment(Loksabha)
Shri Akhilesh SP Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Anirudh Prasad (Sadhu) RJD Gopalganj (Bihar)
Shri Baleshwar NLP Padrauna (Uttar Pradesh)
Ranjan (Pappu Yadav), Shri Rajesh RJD Madhepura (Bihar)
Shri Bhal Chandra BSP Khalilabad (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Chandrapal Singh SP Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Devendra Prasad RJD Jhanjharpur (Bihar)
Shri Dharmendra SP Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Giridhari RJD Banka (Bihar)
Shri Kailash Nath Singh BSP Chandauli (Uttar Pradesh)
Dr. Karan Singh INC Alwar (Rajasthan)
Dr. Kunwar Devendra Singh SP Etah (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri M. Anjan Kumar INC Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
Shri Mitrasen BSP Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Parasnath SP Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Prof. Ram Gopal SP Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Ram Kripal RJD Patna (Bihar)
Shri Ramakant BSP Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Sita Ram RJD Sitamarhi (Bihar)
Shri Umakant BSP Machhlishahr (Uttar Pradesh)
Shri Ahir Vikrambhai Arjanbhai INC Jamnagar (Gujarat)
Ahir, Shri Hansraj Gangaram BJP Chandrapur (Maharashtra)
Shri Ganesh Pd Singh RJD Jehanabad (Bihar)
Lalu Prasad, Shri RJD Chapra (Bihar)
Rao, Shri Inderjit Singh INC Mahendergarh (Haryana), M.O.S.-Defence
Mrs.Kanthi singh, M.O.S-Heavy Industries
Shri Jay Prakash Narayan RJD Monghyr (Bihar), M.O.S-Water Resources
Gawali, Smt. Bhavana Pundlikrao SS Washim (Maharashtra)
Kalmadi, Shri Suresh INC Pune (Maharashtra)
Pradhan, Shri Dharmendra BJP Deogarh (Orissa)
Pradhan, Shri Prasanta CPI(M) Contai (West Bengal)
C.H.Vijayshankar - Mysore (Karnataka)
Virupakshappa - Koppal (Karnataka)
Rana, Dr R.K, RJD- Khagaria (Bihar)
Ranjan, Smt. Ranjita, (wife of Pappu Yadav) LJP-Seharsa (Bihar)
Present Member of Parliment(Rajyasabha)
Shri Nand Kishore Yadav -SP (UP)
Shri Sharad Yadav -JD(U) (BR)
Shri Subhash Prasad Yadav -RJD (BR)
Shri Vijay Singh Yadav -RJD (BR)
Raut Shri Sanjay Yadav -SS (MH)

R.Viduthalai, M.A.M.L (Advocate-General, High Court of Madras)
Veera Ragavan (Additional Advocate-General, High Court of Madras)
Ashwani Kumar,I.A.S (Director, Department of Personnel and Training, Govt. India, Delhi)
Amit Yadav,I.A.S (Director, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, Delhi)
Divakar Singh Yadav ( Young Scientist Award 2003 by Govt of UP, Commonwealth Fellow, UK, Writer of best seller book on Information Technology published by New Age (formerly Willey Eastern,Professor of Computer Science, Lucknow ))
Sajjan Singh Yadava,I.A.S (Special Secretary to Chief Minister, Delhi)
V.N.Vishnu,I.A.S (Srikakulam Dist.collector, A.P.)
Vijayanand,I.A.S (Nalgonda Dist.collector, A.P.)
Uday Lakshmi,I.A.S (Prakasham Dist.collector, A.P.)
Krishnaiah,I.A.S (Secretary, School Education, A.P.)
S.S.Yadav,I.P.S (Director General, A.C.B, A.P.)
Ram Avatar Yadav, I.P.S (Andhra Pradesh)
Ram Babu Yadav, I.P.S (A.P.)
Navneet Seekera,I.P.S (SP, Dist Meerut Uttar Pardesh)
Santosh Yadav,I.A.S (DM, Aligarh, Uttar Pardesh).
Soumitra Yadav,I.P.S (Noida, Uttar Pardesh).
D.C.Mandal,I.R.S(Retired Director of Enforcement. Ministry of Finance, New Delhi)
Kempaiah,I.P.S (Police officer from Karnataka, successfully hunted down Rajiv Gandhi's assassins in Bangalore
M. Gopalakrishnan Yadav (The former chairman and managing director of Indian Bank,president of Tamil Nadu Yadava Mahasabha)
Rajeshwar Yadav,I.R.S (Commissionar Income tax).
Dr Mahavir Pd, I.A.S (Secy. WRD, Jharkhand)
Anil Kishore Yadav,I.P.S(SP, Madhepura Bihar)
Ganesh Pd Yadav,I.P.S (I.G, Bihar)
Raghunath Pd Singh,I.P.S(S.P, Bihar Cadre)
Suresh Pd Yadav,I.R.S (Commissioner of Income Tax Mumbai)
Arvind Dev,I.A.S (UP Cadre)
Dr Shashank Vikram,I.F.S.(Second Secretary,Lisbon)
Dr Virendra Kr Yadav,I.A.S (Bihar Cadre)
Sunil Rai,I.P.S (IG, CISF Jharkhand)
R.K.Yadav (Comdt, CISF)
Pradip Narayan,I.A.S (Kerala Cadre)
Rajeev Yaduvanshi,I.A.S (Karnataka Cadre)
Ajay Singh Yadav,I.A.S (MP Cadre)
Rajesh Yadav, PMP (IT Professional)
Dr. VishwaNath Yadav,PHD (IIT, DELHI)
Hari Singh Yadav, SP of Guna{M.P)
Dharam Pal Yadav,Ph.D (Professor Mass Communications, University of Vermont, B.Sc. St. Stephens College, Ph. D Michigan State University)
Justice N.S. Rao (Retired High Court Justice, Bihar; Presently CAUVERY WATER DISPUTES TRIBUNAL)
Dev-Vrat Yadav(Eminent Lawyer, Rajasthan High Court, Alwar, Rajasthan)
Hemendra Yadav(Noted Biotechnologist, worked on Epidemic causing strains of V.cholerae of Delhi)
Jile Singh Yadav (Owner of well known Shastri Dental Clinic -chain of Dental clinics in northern India)
Mukesh Kumar (IT Professional,Telecom Billing Sector-Redknee Inc-Pune)
Santosh Yadav (IT Professional,Indore)
Alok Yadav (IT Professional,Pune)
SPS Yadav,IPS (Commissioner of Police,Nagpur)
Jag Mohan Yadav,IPS (IG Police Meerut UP)
Ravindra kr Yadav,IPS (DCP,Delhi)
V.H.Group of Dr. B.V.Rao.
Madhu S Yadav (Founder of YANA (Yadav Association of North America) & Co-Founder of Avignasoft, Inc. USA)
Dr.Tapesh Yadav (Founder of Nanoproduct corporation, U.S.A,
M NageshKumar Yadav (Eminent Mentor, Founder and CEO, Semantix Software Technologies, www.semantixindia. com)
Ram Dhan Yadav,,
Raja Sekar (Founder ,INNOSPIRE Systems (P) Ltd, USA - Delaware(Headquarters)and Chennai ,
R.K.Township Promoters (p)Ltd.,
Mr. Rampal Singh Yadav, Founder of [American Raw Material Mgmt Inc,] !, [,], [,], [Intergalactic Bead Shows,], [National Bead Society,]. DEEPAK YADAV(MAHNEDERGARH) IT (WIPRO) SECURITY AND HACKING SKILLS Alok Yadav Businessman Azamgarh
Gokul Institute of Technology and Sciences
Gokula Krishna college of Engineering and Technology (Nellore Dist. A.P.)
Audishankara college of Engineering and Technology (Nellore Dist. A.P.)
St.Martin's college of Engineering and Technology (Ranga Reddy Dist. A.P.)
Sunflower Institute of Engineering and Technology (Krishna Dist. A.P.)
Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute (Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu)
Pandian saraswathi Yadav Engineering college,Madurai,Tamilnadu
E.M.G Yadava Women's College(Madurai TamilNadu)
Yadava College[4](Madurai TamilNadu)
Rao Ram Narain DAV Women's College Kosli (Kosli, Haryana)
Sri Ram Nallamani Yadava College Of Pharmacy(Tenkasi,Thirunel veli Dist, TamilNadu)

Karmega Konar (Tamil Poet)
IdayKattu Sither (Tamil Poet,Shepherd)
Anand Yadav (Marathi writer)
Rajendra Yadav (Hindi novelist and Editor of "HANS")
Gurram Jashua (Telugu poet)
Jai Prakash Shastri(Noted Sanskrit Scholar of North India)

Sri Khetanath (Popularly known as Baba Khetanath, a great spiritual leader, Avadhut Yogi of Nath Panth, revolutionary, educator, social reformer, and founder of many institutions in Rajasthan and Haryana)
Acharya Pradumna(Renowned Sanskrit Scholar of India, founder of Aarsh Gurukul, Khanpur, Mahendragarh and Guru of World Famous Swami Ramdev)
Swami Ramdev (Yoga Teacher)
Bhoomananda BrahmachariClose Disciple of Swami Parmananda ji MaharajRampura,Rewari AshramSon of Rao Rampat, Village Nikhri, Distt. Rewari (Rao Rampat was a close friend of Rao Balbir singh)
Mahatma Ramananda JiEarlier known as Mahashya Rampatji, he was the father of Bhoomananda Brahmachari (He also got deeply involved with the Sant Parmananda Blind Relief Mission)

Distinguished Armymen and gallantry award winners
Major shaitan singh Bhati (Param vir chakra)
Yogendra Singh Yadav[5](Param Vir Chakra recipient, Kargil War)
Namdev Jadav(Victoria Cross recipient)
Umrao Singh(Victoria Cross recipient, World War II, Burma Front)
Rai Singh Yadav(Maha Vir Chakra recipient)
Chaman Singh Yadav(Maha Vir Chakra recipient)
Babru Bhan Yadav(Maha Vir Chakra recipient)
Suresh Chand Yadav (Recipient of Ashoka Chakra Award, India's highest peacetime gallantry award)
Jagdish Prasad Yadav (Recipient of Ashoka Chakra Award, India's highest peacetime gallantry award)
Major General U. S. Yadava
Lieutenant General J.B.S. Yadav
Major General Pushkar Singh Yadav
Air Vice Marshal Rakesh Yadav
Major General V.S. Yadav
Major General Satyavir Yadav
Major General V. P. Yadav

Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav (India's only individual Olympic medalist till 1996)
Santosh Yadav (only woman in the world to scale mount everest twice)
Abhishek Yadav (India's top soccer player)
Suresh Yadav (Arjuna Award winner)
Shivlal Yadav (Well known cricket player)
Jai Prakash Yadav (Well known cricket player)
Dharma Raj Yadav (Well known wrestler, Nepal)
Bunni Lal Yadav (Well known wrestler, Nepal)
Vijay Yadav (Well known cricket player)
Madhu Yadav (Well known hockey player)
Sobhi Yadav (Well known wrestler, Nepal)
Raji Sharan Yadav (Well known wrestler, Nepal)
Brahmdev Yadav (Well known wrestler, Nepal)
Krishnamurthy P (Arjuna awardee hockey,TN)

Kalathapasvi Rajesh- Veteran Kannada Movie star.
Arjun Sarja (South Indian Hero, Director and Producer)
Rakesh (Kannada Hero, son of former deputy C.M.,Siddaramaiah)
Devraj (Kannada Hero)
Mandadi Anil Kumar Yadav Telugu Hero [Hero in Andhra Student]
Raghuvir Yadav (Film Actor)
Rajpal Yadav (Film Actor)
G.L. Yadhav (Winner of Filmfare Best Art Direction Award)
D.R. Jadhav (Winner of Filmfare Best Art Direction Award)
Leena Yadav (Director of the movie Shabd)
Madhavi (Well known South Indian Actress)
Senthamarai (Tamil Actor)
K.S.R. Das- Veteran Telugu Movie Director.
Boyina Subba Rao- Veteran Telugu Movie Director.
Anji Sreenu- Telugu Movie Director.
Jonnalagadda Sreenu- Telugu Movie Director.
Dinesh Yadav(film actor )
Kris yadav (short filims director)
Raajesh Yadav (Tamil)
Arjun Rampal Yadav (Film Actor)

Mr.shashi kumar yadav(renowned bodybuilder,currently Mr.ISM,mechanical engineer.)
Dr. Garima Yadav ( BDS, Well known dentist & care taker of Shastri Dental Clinic- A chain of Dental Clinics in Northern India / Haryana)
Sivakumar Karunanithi (MS, National IT Infra. & Security Manager, Australia)
P. Karunanithi (MA, Revenue Officer, Tamilnadu)
P. Amalanathan (BA BL, Advocate, High Court, Tamilnadu)
Ram Kailash Yadav (Folk Music, Sangeet Natak Akademy Award winner)
gagan yadav (Scouts, Rastrapati Award winner)
Dr J.S. Yadav, FNA (Eminent scientist, Director, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology)
Dr Jay S. Yadav (Eminent physician in cardiovascular medicine, Chairman of CCF Innovations, Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals in USA)
Dr M.P. Yadav, FNAAS (Eminent scientist)
Dr Ram Avatar Yadav (Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education)
Dr Ram Prakash Yadav (Eminent Agricultural Economist, Nepal)
Balasaheb Jadav (Eminent Journalist)
Yogendra Yadav (Psephologist)
Dharmendra Yadav
Dharmendra Kumar Yadav
Captain Rajesh Balwan An Eminent Merchant Navy Officer, who was Chief Officer of the world's largest ship ever built, T.T. "JAHRE VIKING". He had been featured in Discovery channel programme"Building the Biggest".
Ajay Kumar Yadav (Industrialist)
Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav (Eminent Homeopath of AGRA, Vice President Of Jantantrik Morcha Swasthya prakosth)
Hav.Ved Prakash Yadav (Retd. Commando of Indian Army & N.S.G.,fought valiantly in Sri Lanka as part of I.P.K.F.)
K P Singh Yadav ( Retd. Lawyer of District Etah.)
Dr.Kanthayya M.S (YADAVAR PEARAVAI, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Shyam Singh Yadav, Ph D, FISGPB,FISPRD,FISPPB, MSIGMA Xi (U.S.A.)] Principal Scientist- IARI,New Delhi, India
Chief Editor of Chickpea Breeding and Management, CABI, UK []

Also Known as
Dhangars (Maharashtra)
Kuruba Gowdas
Gouda (Orissa)